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Run Delta Live Table

The Run Delta Live Table component lets you start a Delta Live Tables pipeline.

New to Delta Live Tables? Read Delta Live Tables introduction.

Currently, this component only supports non-continuous pipelines.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Pipeline ID = drop-down

Select a pipeline from the drop-down list. The list displays the Name, Creator, and Status of each pipeline. If the required pipeline is not listed, click Load More at the bottom of drop-down to expand the list.

Only non-continuous pipelines are currently supported by the component, but the drop-down will list both continuous and non-continuous pipelines. If you select a continuous pipeline, the error "The pipelineID is continuous and is not supported" will be displayed. The component won't validate unless you select a non-continuous pipeline.

On selection, the property field will display the pipeline ID in UUID format.

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