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Having trouble with a word that has multiple meanings or spellings? Struggling with a word that can be both a noun and a verb, or a noun and an adjective, and et cetera? Read below. If you believe an entry is missing, make a pull request.


This page is a work-in-progress.

Log in versus login

  • Login is a noun. Enter your Marketo login credentials.
  • Log in is a phrasal verb or verb phrase. Log in to the AWS console.

Further examples


  • When you login to your account, click the navigation menu. ❌
  • Use your login credentials to access the developer portal. ✅

Log in:

  • Take note of your log in details for later use in Matillion ETL. ❌
  • Navigate to the Stripe developer portal and log in with your login credentials. ✅

Log in to versus log into

Always use log in to and not log into.

  • Log into your Salesforce account. ❌
  • Login to your Stripe account. ❌
  • Log in to your Matillion account. ✅

What about "sign in"?

  • Never use signin as a noun the way you would use login.
  • Never use sign into as a verb phrase.
  • Only use sign in to instead of log in to if directly quoting a UI element from another service or directly quoting instructions from other documentation.