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  • This component is available for Matillion ETL for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.
  • This component is in public preview as of version 1.70. :::


This page includes frequently asked questions related to the SAP ODP Extract component. This page will be updated as more questions and answers are refined.

Is SSO supported?

SSO (Single Sign-On) isn't currently supported by this connector. SSO connection options are included for future development.

How do I input ranges in the Data Source Filter?

The Comparator type "between" allows you to provide two values in input for the filter, where the first value represents "from" and the second represents "to".

If I create my own data source, can I configure it to make it work with deltas?

The answer is yes. For an explanation of delta configuration for LIS data sources (the most complex), read How to Create Delta Extraction Based ABAP CDS Views.

Is it possible to recover a specific package during an extraction?

The answer is no. The recovery recovers data from a specific data pointer ahead, but it would pull all the data that changed from that point, in packages. For more information, read CDS based data extraction.

How many data source extractions can we run in parallel without impacting our SAP system?

For testing purposes, we have tested running 10 processes in parallel. The upper limit is to be confirmed.

What type of licence does the SAP user need to extract data from SAP, so that we do not incur sanctions by SAP?

The SAP user created to extract data though Matillion ETL should not require any licence, according to the Indirect Static Read use. For more information, read Indirect Access Guide for SAP Installed Base.

Is data encrypted in transit? For example, using SSL/TLS

Yes, if using SNC. No, if using simple username and password only.

Are username and password encrypted in transit?

Password is always encrypted. Username is not encrypted if using simple username and password.

Both would be encrypted if using SNC.

Do we have to install anything on the SAP side?

No, the SAP ODP Extract component does not requires anything to be installed on the SAP side.

Does the delta include incremental load of deleted records?

The SAP ODP Extract component will support "incremental" loading if the data source (ODP extractor) is delta enabled in SAP.

For those ODP extractors that are delta enabled, the component's Load Type property can be set to Full Load, Delta Load, or Recovery. When set to Delta Load, it will return changed data from the source since the last time data was fetched. The identification of changed data is handled by the underlying ODP extractor, within SAP and as per design by SAP for the SAP standard data sources.

Can we use the SAP ODP connector with an iterator?

Yes you can.

Can we use the connector with SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR)?

SAP CAR is a HANA implementation, and it should be possible to access it via HANA and have access to the calculation views.

For more information, read this SAP Blog entry.

Can we use the connector with calculation views?

Calculation views aren't exposed as data sources directly via the ODP framework. However, it is possible to expose calculation views through development on the SAP side.

In addition, calculation views are exposed via the SAP Netweaver Query component, though there might be licensing implications for you.