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Configuring stateless authentication

This page outlines how authentication can be configured using environment variables for Matillion ETL. This allows Matillion ETL usernames and passwords to be stored in the Matillion database instead of in the tomcat-users.xml, which is the default for an installation. This is especially useful if you are running a high availability setup and wish to keep username and password details in-sync between servers (nodes in a cluster), as they will be using the shared database, where this configuration is stored.

You must choose one of the following according to your setup. These are mutually exclusive options:

Refer to Rollback steps if you need to perform a rollback.

Take backups

We advise always taking a backup of the below files before beginning this process as they will be required to revert the configuration if required.

  • /usr/share/emerald/WEB-INF/classes/
  • /etc/tomcat/server.xml
  • /etc/sysconfig/tomcat