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Zendesk Chat Extract Authentication Guide

This is a step-by-step guide to acquiring credentials for authorizing the Zendesk Chat Extract component for use in Matillion ETL.

The Zendesk Chat Extract connector uses an OAuth for third-party authentication.

While connector properties may differ between cloud data warehouses, the authentication process remains the same.


Begin by creating an OAuth entry in Matillion ETL, as described in Manage OAuth. You should then configure this OAuth entry using the Zendesk Chat credentials, obtained as described below.

Acquiring third-party credentials

  1. Navigate to the Zendesk website and click Sign In above the header on the right.
  2. On the next page, enter the subdomain associated with the account in the field provided and click Sign In. Please make a note of the subdomain, as it will be required later when authorizing the OAuth entry in METL. The browser will then redirect to a login screen.
  3. Enter valid login credentials for the account associated with subdomain and click Sign In to continue to the dashboard.
  4. Select the grid icon in the top-right of the page and select Chat, which will open the Zendesk Chat homepage in a new window.
  5. Expand the Settings field in the left panel and select Account.
  6. Select the API & SDKs tab to view all of your current API client entries.
  7. Click Add API client.
  8. In the Create a new OAuth client dialog, provide details for the following fields:
    • Client name: Provide a name for the app.
    • Company: Provide or change the name of the company to be associated with the app.
    • Redirect URLs: Enter the callback URL from the Manage OAuth dialog in Matillion ETL.
  9. Click Create API client to open the API client saved dialog, where you can view your client ID and client secret. Copy both of these immediately as they are required in METL and the client secret does not appear again after leaving this page.


    When copying the credentials, some browsers may add a space to the end of the string. Watch out for this as it will cause the credentials to fail.

  10. Click OK, got it again to complete the process and return to the API & SDKs tab.

  11. Now return to the Manage OAuth dialog in Matillion ETL to complete the OAuth configuration.


If the Zendesk Chat account is linked to a Zendesk Support account, the Zendesk subdomain will also need to be provided. To do this:

  1. Tick the checkbox next to Advanced Connection Options.
  2. Select the +* to add a new parameter.
  3. Choose Subdomain from the Parameter column, if it does not automatically appear.
  4. Enter the subdomain of the linked Zendesk Support account in the Value field.