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Applying a licence

Warning: Customers who did not launch via the Hub

The below information is outdated. It is highly recommended that all customers who launched their Matillion ETL instance prior to the Hub migrate to a new instance at their earliest convenience.


Standard versions of Matillion ETL obtained from the marketplace do not require a licence key. A summary of the built-in limits, which are based upon your instance size, is shown in the Licence dialog.

To change these built-in limits, you need to apply a licence. Please contact if you wish to change these limits without changing your current AMI. For example, if you have opted for annual AWS fees for the instance but need to define additional environments or add additional concurrent users. If you are paying hourly, you can also reboot the instance with a larger instance size to obtain larger limits.

If you apply a licence, when that licence expires you will revert to the built-in limits, and the software will continue to function.


After applying a licence, it is vital you restart your Matillion ETL instance to gain access to all expected features.

BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence)

BYOL versions of Matillion ETL obtained from online marketplaces have no built-in limits. A licence key is required immediately before the software can be used.

Once you have applied a licence in the Licence dialog, the limits it provides are shown on the left of the dialog. When that licence key expires, you will be required to provide a new licence key and the software will not function until you do so.

Please contact to obtain licence keys.

To Apply a licence

1. In Matillion ETL, click Help and then Licence to open the Licence dialog.

2. Paste your licence key into the Apply New Licence field.

3. Click Apply.

4. The new limits will be displayed under Current Limits. Ensure that the limits are appropriately set and then click OK.