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Manage backups

This feature is only available on instances hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Users can set up automated backups through Matillion ETL such that the entire instance is backed up once daily at a specified time. Note that this generates a snapshot of the entire instance at the time of backing up.

In rare cases, it may be necessary to perform this process manually. Instructions to do so can be found here. We recommend users use the built-in backup system described in this article when possible.

Manage Backups

To set up an automated backup, use the Admin dropdown menu at the top left of the Matillion ETL tool and select Manage Backups. This will bring up a new window to enter backup details.

  • Name: An arbitrary name for these backup. Time and date will be appended to the name
  • Description: An arbitrary description for these backups.
  • Time: The time a backup will be executed (format: HH:MM using a 24-hour clock). It is suggested to pick a time where jobs will not currently be running on the instance.
  • Timezone: The timezone that the above time is understood to be associated with.
  • Credentials: AWS credentials for permissions to back up the instance. For more information on credentials, visit the Managing Credentials documentation.

The Test button can be used to check the input fields and ensure information is entered correctly. The test will also check the credentials to ensure a backup is possible. Should each section of the test return successfully, the user can press OK to close the window and the backup information will be saved.

To activate the backup process, the Activate EBS Backups checkbox at the top left of the Manage Backups window must be checked. Elastic Block Storage is the default method of storage on AWS and will grow according to your needs. As such, it is important to remember that storing backups can incur additional costs as the storage demand increases.


Scheduled backups created in Matillion ETL are governed by the Instance and do not create a backup schedule in AWS. Equally, backups are not created with a lifecycle policy and so have no set retention time. It is up to the user to manage these snapshots appropriately.

Restoring backups

The Matillion backup system will create an EBS Snapshot. To restore from this snapshot, it is recommended that you:

  1. Restore the backed-up snapshot to an EBS Volume
  2. Attach that volume to an EC2 instance.