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Data gathering

Some Matillion features involve your business data being processed and/or stored in Matillion's infrastructure. Matillion will only process and/or store the data required to use our tools. In these cases, it will only be within the selected region. Your chosen account region might be based on a combination of geographical closeness, legal jurisdiction, or other factors.

Your chosen account region dictates the region of your data and resources and can't be changed after your Hub account is provisioned.

Matillion never has the ability to access your customer data such as that being loaded from source systems into your data warehouse.

Types of data

Here we delineate between types of data and how they are, or are not, gathered.

  • Customer data: Refers to data that a user loads from a source system into a target data warehouse or storage area. This is the data that is the direct subject of ETL pipelines. This data is subject to regional protections and is not stored or accessible by Matillion.

  • Customer metadata: Refers to information about a customer's Designer pipeline and project configurations. This data must be accessed in order for Designer and other functions to be useful. This data is typically held by Matillion but some of it (such as pipeline configurations) can be held in a customer's Git repository.

  • Matillion metadata: Refers to information about how a customer uses Matillion products such as user logins, as well as telemetry regarding component usage, roles, and permissions. This includes metadata required for billing purposes. Matillion metadata is excluded from regional protections as it is used globally.

Global Resources Regional Resources
Hub account information Project and pipeline configurations
Hub user information Agents
Roles and permissions Custom connectors
Subscription and billing information Schedules