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New Code Editor, New Components, and CDC Agent Updates!

Designer CDC New features 🎉Improvements 🔧

We're rolling out updates to enhance your experience: a revamped code editor for a more intuitive coding journey, additional components to broaden your data handling capabilities, and updates to the CDC Agent for an enriched performance. Here's a detailed look!

Revamped Code Editor

The Designer's code editor has been refined. Now featuring syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for quicker code writing and reviewing, plus enhanced validation support for SQL, Python, and Bash. Access a suite of commands with a simple tap on F1 and smoothly navigate your code with Visual Studio Code shortcut keys.

New Components Alert!

We've introduced Email Query, HubSpot Query, LDAP Query, and Stripe Query to the Designer. These additions are geared to facilitate more streamlined and versatile data extraction and management.

CDC Agent Update

We've updated the CDC Agent to version 2.81.6. Oracle Signal Table validation on PDBs and an updated "Unavailable Value" placeholder in the PostgreSQL connector are part of this update, offering more tools at your disposal.