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April 2024 changelog

Here you'll find the April 2024 changelog for the Data Productivity Cloud. Just want to read about new features? Read our What's New blog.

24th April

CDCImprovements 🔧

  • Updated CDC agent version from 2.92.3 to 2.93.1.
  • Removed a number of unnecessary dependency overrides and updated some minor dependencies.

18th April

DesignerNew features 🎉

11th April

DesignerImprovements 🔧

  • Added an improvement to connecting a GitHub repository to a project. Now, when you connect an existing repository, any active branches will be cloned into Designer and selectable from the Branches tab. Previously only the main branch was cloned. If any of the active branches in your repository only include files that are not Data Pipeline Language (DPL) files, those branches will appear as empty while in Designer until you create a pipeline.

4th April

DesignerNew features 🎉

2nd April

CDCImprovements 🔧

  • Updated CDC agent version from 2.92.0 to 2.92.3
  • Library updates and security fixes
  • Improved agent logging around data handling edge cases to help with debugging