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Lead/Lag allows the user to determine a value from a preceding or following row at a given offset within a group (or partition) of values. This component uses the following:


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Include Input Columns = boolean

When Yes, the component passes all input columns into the output.

Partition Data = dual listbox

Defines how the input data is partitioned to perform the rank calculation. The calculation is then performed on each partition.

Orderings Within Partitions = column editor

  • Input Column: The input column name for sorting within the partitioned data. You can drag columns to reorder them.
  • Ordering: The order of the sorting: Ascending, Descending, Nulls first, or Nulls Last.

Functions = column editor

Ingore Nulls = boolean

When Yes, disregard null values when determining which row to use. Null values don't count toward reaching the offset.

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