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Data Productivity Cloud prerequisites

This prerequisite guide outlines what you will need to do before you can create and run your first pipeline in the Data Productivity Cloud.

Cloud data platform

  • You need a user account for a cloud data warehouse. The Data Productivity Cloud currently supports these cloud data warehouses:
  • You need your cloud data warehouse account credentials and connection details to hand, as you will need to know them for connecting to the Data Productivity Cloud.

Connectors and databases

Configure connectivity on your data source to allow the Data Productivity Cloud to communicate with it. Read Allowing IP addresses for details.

Matillion Hub

  • Register for a Matillion Hub account. Read Registration for details.
  • Create accounts in the Hub for all users and admins who will be active during the trial.
  • Recommended: set up a Pay-Go subscription. This subscription isn't required for the period of your trial, but having a subscription in place will prevent system lockout when the trial period expires.

Get started

Once your Hub account is activated, the Data Productivity cloud is ready to use. The first steps in using the Data Productivity Cloud are:

  1. Create your first project.
  2. Configure user access to the project.
  3. Create a branch within the project.
  4. You are now ready to create and run your first pipeline.