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Bing Ads Query authentication guide

This is a step-by-step guide to acquiring credentials for authorizing the Bing Ads Query component for use in Matillion ETL.


  • The Bing Ads Query connector uses OAuth for third-party authentication.
  • While connector properties may differ between cloud data warehouses, the authentication process remains the same.
  • Most third-party apps and services that connect to Microsoft data can be set up for use in Matillion ETL through the Microsoft Azure Portal using much of the same process.


Begin by creating an OAuth entry in Matillion ETL, as described in Manage OAuth. You should then configure this OAuth entry using the Bing Ads credentials, obtained as described below.

Follow the steps in Acquiring Azure credentials, then continue as per the instructions below.

Acquire Bing Ads credentials

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Advertising Developer Account page. The browser should automatically open on the Microsoft Advertising account dashboard. From here, copy the code next to Developer token as it will be required in authorizing for use in Matillion ETL.


    If the browser does not automatically log in to the Microsoft Advertising Developer Account, simply click Log in and enter valid login credentials to continue. Super Admin role login credentials are required.

  2. Next, navigate to the Microsoft Advertising Developer Portal. Your browser will load the Campaigns page. This page's URL will contain the Customer ID (after cid=) followed by the Account ID (after aid=). Copy both codes as they will be required in authorizing for use in Matillion ETL. An example is shown below.{CustomerID}&aid={AccountID}#/customer/{CustomerID}/account/{AccountID}/overview
  3. Return to the Manage OAuth dialog in Matillion ETL to complete the OAuth configuration.