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Custom Connector overview

Custom Connector lets users create their own connectors for integrating with external data sources. This documentation provides an overview of the process for creating and managing custom connectors in the Data Productivity Cloud.

To create a custom connector you will need to register for a Hub account. When you first log in to the Hub, and after you've selected an account to work in, the What do you want to do today? page will be displayed, where you must select Manage Custom Connector. This is where you can view the Connectors dashboard. From here, you can view your connectors, carry out contextual actions on them, and create new connectors.

The Connectors dashboard lists your custom connectors, in alphabetical order. Icons next to each connector let you perform contextual actions on that connector.

The icons in the left-hand sidebar provide the following functions:

  • Connectors: Returns you to the dashboard from any other interface of Matillion Custom Connector.
  • OAuths: Lets you create and store OAuth connections to authenticate data sources. Read Authentication for details.

To add a new connector, click Add connector.

Connector actions

To carry out an action on a specific connector, use the icons to the right of the connector:

  • Edit: To edit a connector, click the edit (pencil) icon. Read Custom connector setup for details.
  • Delete: To delete a connector, click the delete (trashcan) icon, then click Yes, delete to confirm deletion.
  • Use connector: To either export the connector in a format suitable for use in Matillion ETL, or to create a pipeline in Data Loader, click Use connector and then click the required option.

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