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Microsoft SQL Server Output

The Microsoft SQL Server Output component outputs the contents of a table (or view) from your cloud data warehouse (CDW) to your Microsoft SQL Server database. With this component, you can push their data to an on-premesis server from the cloud if you so wish.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Endpoint = string

The Microsoft SQL Server endpoint. For example, <hostname>:<port>.

Database Name = string

Your Microsoft SQL Server database name.

Username = string

Your Microsoft SQL Server username.

Password = drop-down

The secret definition containing the password for your Microsoft SQL Server account. Your password should be saved as a secret definition before using this component.

JDBC Options = column editor

  • Parameter: A JDBC parameter supported by the database driver. For more information read Connection options.
  • Value: A value for the given parameter.

Database = drop-down

The Snowflake database. The special value, [Environment Default], will use the database defined in the environment. Read Databases, Tables and Views - Overview to learn more.

Schema = drop-down

The Snowflake schema. The special value, [Environment Default], will use the schema defined in the environment. Read Database, Schema, and Share DDL to learn more.

Source Table = drop-down

The table (or view) on your cluster to copy to SQL Server.

Target Table = string

A name for the new table.

Target Schema = string

The schema for the target table.

Load Columns = dual listbox

Use the arrow buttons to select which columns to load. Move columns to the right to include them in the load. By default, all columns will be selected for the load.

Table Maintenance = drop-down

  • None: Assume the SQL Server database already has the table defined with the correct structure.
  • Create if not exists: If the named target table does not yet exist, it will be created.
  • Replace: If the named target table already exists, it will be dropped and replaced by a newly created table. Please use this setting with care.

Primary Key = dual listbox

A column or a group of columns used to identify a row uniquely in a table. Use the arrow buttons to select which columns to use.

Truncate Target Table = boolean

Whether or not to truncate the target table before loading data.

On Warnings = boolean

Choose whether to continue with the load if an error is raised, or to fail the run.

Additional Copy Options = column editor

Any additional options that you want to apply to the copy operation. For more information, read SQL Server Bulk Copy Options.

Batch Size = integer

The number of rows to load to the target between each COMMIT. The default is 5000.

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