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June 2024 changelog

Here you'll find the June 2024 changelog for the Data Productivity Cloud. Just want to read about new features? Read our What's New blog.

10th June

DesignerNew features 🎉

6th June

DesignerNew features 🎉

  • Added support for GPT-4o to the OpenAI Prompt component. When this model is selected, the Image input type is available. Images should be in either Base64 format or a direct, public URL of the image. If you're feeding images in Base64 format, you will need to add data:image/{format_of_your_image};base64, before the encoded image.
  • Added a Volume to Delta Table orchestration component for Databricks, which lets users transfer data from a pre-existing volume in Databricks in to a Delta Lake table without replacing or deleting any existing data.
  • Added a Convert String To Struct transformation component, which takes a string input and converts it to a struct data type.
  • Renamed the Extract Nested Data component to Extract Structured Data for Databricks. This transformation component unpacks arrays of structured data into columns and rows of data in a table. Any existing pipelines will still display an Extract Nested Data component.
  • The Query Result To Grid component is now available for Databricks projects.
  • Added the following Flex connectors for developing data pipelines:
  • A user's account ID is now visible in the user menu (top right of the Hub UI), to help users easily identify their account.