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The First/Last component allows you to create groups of data and then return only the first or last rows from the group.

It does this by generating a SELECT statement with a window function in-line using the OVER keyword. See:


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Grouping Columns = dual listbox

Defines how the input data is grouped. This works like an SQL GROUP BY statement. The first or last element of each group will be selected.

Ordering within partitions = column editor

Input Column: The name of the column to use for sorting within the grouped data.

Ordering: The method of sorting on the chosen column. Options are Ascending, Descending, Nulls First, or Nulls Last.

First/Last Columns = column editor

Column: The name of the input column to be passed to the output.

First Last: Return the First or Last element of the chosen column in the grouped data.

Ignore Nulls = boolean

Select whether to ignore null values. The default setting is No (do not ignore null values).