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Transpose Rows

The Transpose Rows component enables users to combine multiple rows into a single output row (one row for each value of the columns specified in the Groupings parameter). The component concatenates each value into a delimited string in the output.

Where required, users can use a Split Field component after the Transpose Rows component to convert the delimited strings into a set of new columns.

Users can also leverage the transformation capabilities of the Transpose Columns component.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Aggregations = dual listbox

The input column to aggregate.

Sort Order = dual listbox

Rows included in the "groupings" are ordered using this Sort Order parameter. If you're performing multiple transpositions, ordering will ensure that the items are in a consistent order.

Groupings = dual listbox

One or more source columns that form the groupings. The output will have one row for every combination of grouping column values.