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Batch pipeline detailed view

You can access a Detailed View for each pipeline on your dashboard. This contains a suite of useful information and configuration settings.

You can open the detailed view for a pipeline from the pipeline dashboard by clicking that pipeline's name, or by clicking ... next to the pipeline and then clicking View Pipeline.

The detailed pipeline view displays the pipeline Name, Source, Destination, and Sync frequency. All these values can be changed, if required, using the Edit Pipeline option where it appears.

To the right of the window you also have access to the following options:

  • Sync Now, which will trigger the pipeline to run immediately.
  • The Active/Paused toggle button, to enable or disable the pipeline as needed.
  • The ... menu gives you options to View, Stop, Edit, and Delete a pipeline. Editing the pipeline will reopen the wizard used to create it.

Stop the pipeline

This feature enables you to stop the pipeline either from the Dashboard page or Pipeline Details page.

The Stop pipeline button will display the current status for a running pipeline.

To stop a pipeline:

  1. Click ... for the already running pipeline and click on Stop pipeline.
  2. A dialog will pop up for the confirmation, and a warning that reads Stop syncing may result in unmoved rows. Click Yes, stop syncing if you would like to continue.


  • Stopping the sync may result in unmoved rows.
  • All successfully moved rows will not be reverted. :::

Pipeline details

Provides a summary of recent pipeline activity.

  • Rows Moved - Last Sync: Shows the number of rows moved during the last pipeline run.
  • Status: Shows the success or failure and the date/time of the last pipeline run. Click View Log to go to the Logs tab for more information.
  • Rows Moved - Total Last 30 Days: Shows the total number of rows moved by the pipeline in the last 30 days.
  • Alerts: Shows any errors during the last 30 days of the pipeline. Click View Log to go to the Logs tab for a detailed breakdown of any issues.


The Logs tab shows the results of every sync performed by the pipeline in the last 30 days. You can sort the list using the two drop-down filters at the top of the list.

Each individual log shows the success or failure of the sync, the date/time, and a Batch ID. Click the down arrow to expand the log and view a highly detailed breakdown of the run.

  • Each log entry shows a Download button.
  • Log files are created using an orgID_batchID_timestamp format.
  • You can select a particular location to download to if you wish. The option to do this is configured as a browser setting.


Allows you to change a number of pipeline settings:

  • Pipeline ID: A unique identifier for the pipeline.
  • Created On: The date and time the pipeline was created.
  • Edit: Editing the pipeline will re-open the wizard used to create it. See the Sources documentation for more information.
  • Delete Pipeline: Deleting the pipeline is a permanent action and can't be reversed.

Sync preferences

Here you can see the current Sync frequency and make changes if required. Select a new value and frequency and click Update to save your changes.


Use the Receive email alerts about this pipeline? toggle to enable email notifications for the pipeline. The default selection is No. If enabled, you will be notified by email whenever the pipeline encounters a selected number of failures. The default value is 5 failures. Use the Alert After drop-down menu to choose a value between 1 and 10, and click Update to save your changes.