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Troubleshooting guide for connecting an Azure DevOps repository to the Data Productivity Cloud

This page is a list of troubleshooting guidance in the event that you experience issues when connecting your Azure DevOps repository to a Data Productivity Cloud project. Each scenario includes both an issue and a solution.

App Installation fails

Possible cause 1: There are no Azure DevOps organizations connected to the chosen Azure tenant

Solution: If you have not used Azure DevOps before, first log in to the Azure Portal, and search for Azure DevOps organizations. From this landing page, choose My Azure DevOps organizations, which will take you to the Azure DevOps portal. You will be prompted to create your first DevOps organization, along with a project to organize your resources, including a new repository.

Once created, retry the app installation through the Designer Project setup process.

Possible cause 2: You do not have sufficient permissions to install applications to your Azure tenant

Solution: Reach out to one of your Azure administrators to either: - Grant your user account sufficient permissions to install applications within your tenant. - Request an admin to install the application into your tenant.

Authorization fails

Possible cause: the Data Productivity Cloud can't reach Azure

Solution: If you receive an authorization error, refresh the page and try again. If the issue persists, either Azure or the Data Productivity Cloud may be experiencing an issue.