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Convert String To Struct

The Convert String To Struct transformation component takes a string input and converts it to a struct data type. This can then be used in other components such as Extract Structured Data.

The component is especially useful when using a Custom Connector to access an API that returns data in string format. The flow into this component should include a single string column that is to be converted.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Column Name = drop-down

Select an input column that contains the source text.

The component will operate on only a single column of the input. If you need to extract from multiple columns of a source table, use multiple copies of the Convert String To Struct component.

Columns = data structure

Use this property to define the output structure. The component will attempt to match the elements you define in this structure to elements in the text input. If an element defined here can't match with any part of the input string, that element will be output with a value of null.

The Columns dialog shows a graphical representation of the output structure.

  • To add a new element, click ... next to the STRUCT element at the top of the structure, and then click Add element. Each element should be assigned a unique Key and a Type.
  • To edit an element's Key or Type, click ... next to the element and click Edit element.
  • To delete an element, click ... next to it and click Delete element.
  • To remove all elements added to the structure so far, reverting to a blank structure, click Reset.

Click Save when you have finished editing and selecting elements.

Include Input Columns = boolean

Choose whether to include input columns in the output stream.

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