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1.65 release notes


Below, you can find release notes for Matillion ETL version 1.65.x

Matillion ETL version 1.65.8 (interim release)

2022 - September 6th

  • Fixed an issue where Matillion ETL was not accurately reading the cached record size from the previous batch for Salesforce Output.

Matillion ETL version 1.65.7 (major release)

2022 - August 17th

New features and improvements

All platforms

  • Updated Matillion ETL from Apache Tomcat version 8.5.75 to version 8.5.81.
  • Updated the Mailchimp Query component in the following ways:
    • When Authentication Method is set to OAuth, API Key is no longer a field.
    • When Authentication Method is set to API Key, the Data Centre parameter isn't available.
    • Changed the Data Centre parameter from required to optional.
  • Added to the list of endpoints available in the Zuora Query component
  • Added EU Central Sandbox to the list of endpoints available in the Zuora Bulk Query component component.
  • Versioned the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Query component for Matillion ETL 1.65.
  • Added a Subdomain parameter to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Query component when the Service Type is set to SOAP.
  • Changes to wording in Product Improvement Metrics.
  • Added both Google Analytics RSD profiles as editable in Manage Query Profiles (GoogleAnalytics4 and GoogleUniversalAnalytics).
  • New Shared Job Git API endpoints are available including:
    • Merge.
    • Get remote (URL).


  • Matillion ETL's Snowflake Zero Copy Clone feature has been updated in the following ways:
    • Updated the UI to remove redundant elements.
    • The Run Job in Clone feature for scheduled jobs is limited by the number of environments available to the instance at scheduled run time, and will be cancelled if that limit will be exceeded.
  • Added a Case Column Alias Names parameter to the Extract Nested Data component. Accepted values are Lower, Upper, and No.

Delta Lake on Databricks

  • Added a new Run Notebook orchestration component. Use the Run Notebook component to execute a Databricks notebook from a Matillion ETL orchestration job. You might find this component useful if you wish to conflate ETL/ELT tasks with the subsequent analysis performed in your Databricks notebooks.

Bug fixes

All platforms

  • Non-recurring tasks are now handled correctly in the scheduler.
  • Fixed an issue where Manage Extract Profiles failed to authenticate with a bearer token.


  • Allowed missing datetimes and numbers (or datetimes and numbers that couldn't be parsed) to be ignored in the Extract Nested Data component.
  • Fixed an issue where the SQL Script component would incorrectly report a row count of -1 for multiple SQL statements.
  • Fixed an issue where Snowflake storage integrations created with a comment would not load in Matillion ETL.

Google BigQuery

  • Fixed an issue where the Calculator component failed to capture function validation for certain functions.

Delta Lake on Databricks

  • Fixed an issue where the Delete Table component would fail a job when attempting to delete a table that didn't exist.

Driver updates

  • Dynamics 365 API driver updated. 17.0.6569.021.0.8124.0
  • Dynamics 365 NAV API driver updated. 16.0.6121.021.0.8137.0
  • Google Ads API driver updated. 21.0.8011.021.0.8222.0
  • Magento API driver updated. 19.0.7466.021.0.8137.0
  • Mailchimp API driver updated. 20.0.7760.021.0.8137.0
  • MongoDB API driver updated. 21.0.8134.021.0.8221.0
  • OData API driver updated. 21.0.8137.021.0.8180.0
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud API driver updated. 20.0.7662.021.0.8222.0
  • SAP NetWeaver API driver updated. 19.0.7216.021.0.8137.0
  • REST API driver updated. 20.0.7699.021.0.8137.0. This affects the following Query components:
    • API Query.
    • Mixpanel Query.
    • Zendesk Support Query.
    • Zendesk Talk Query.
    • Zuora Query.