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Print Variables

This component prints the value that a pipeline or project variable has at that specific point in the pipeline execution. You can add multiple copies of the component at different points, to track how variables change during execution, which may be helpful during pipeline debugging.

The value is printed to the Message field in the Task history, as a string surrounded by quotation marks. If you print multiple variables, they are printed to the same message, separated by spaces. If a variable has no assigned value, it will show as an empty string, "".

You can configure the component to also print the variable name and an optional text prefix to the name. In this case, the message would look as follows:

<PREFIX> <NAME 1> = "<VALUE 1>" <PREFIX> <NAME 2> = "<VALUE 2>"

For a full explanation of variables, read Variables.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Variables to print = column editor

Opens the Variables to print dialog, where you can use the drop-down to select the variable whose value will be printed. Click + to select additional variables.

Prefix text = string

Optionally, enter a prefix string to be applied to each variable name when it's printed. If you're printing multiple variables, the same prefix will be added to all. Include variable name must be set to Yes.

Include variable name = boolean

If Yes, the name of each variable will be printed along with the value.

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