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Manage Interpreters


:::info{title='Note'} This feature is available to customers running version 1.68.3 and above of Matillion ETL. :::

Manager Interpreters lets you add and/or delete Python interpreters.

To begin, click AdminManage Interpreters.

The Managers Interpreters dialog displays the Matillion ETL default interpreters and lets you add your own.

Each interpreter has a display name for selection in the Python Script component; an interpreter type (Jython, Python 2, or Python 3), and an executable path, calling that version of Python.

Add an interpreter

  1. Within Manager Interpreters, click +.
  2. Add a display name. For example, Python 3.8.
  3. Select the interpreter type from the drop-down menu—in this case, Python 3.
  4. Set the executable path. For example /usr/bin/python3.8.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog.
  6. In an orchestration job, add a Python Script component to the canvas.
  7. Click into the Interpreter property and select your new interpreter. Note that any deleted interpreters will not longer be selectable.

:::info{title='Note'} Delete an interpreter with - when the interpreter row is selected. :::