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CDC sources overview

Data Loader offers a number of different source connectors for CDC pipelines. This list is independent of the list of sources available for Batch pipelines. Sources currently supported are:

  • Db2 for IBM i
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL

Credentials for accessing these sources will be required during pipeline setup but cannot be stored in Data Loader for security purposes. Instead, it is required that you store your passwords in either Amazon Secrets Manager or Azure Key Vault.

Connector documentation

These articles are for those setting up a CDC pipeline in Data Loader and are looking for details on connection details, available tables and some background information on how that connector works.

Configuring database documentation

These articles detail the process for configuring your database to be enabled for CDC. This is a process independent of Data Loader. It is important to recognise that configuring your source database for CDC can be a manual and complicated task that should be completed under the supervision of your database administrator or similar expert.

Advanced Settings documentation

Many sources offer optional advanced parameters that can be included during the pipeline creation process in Data Loader. It is highly unusual for users to require these and they should not be used without expert understanding of the technology.

Official documentation

We also provide links to the official documentation for your chosen source. It is highly recommended to consult the official documentation for any source before deciding to use it as a source for a CDC pipeline.