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Software updates and patch management

Matillion prioritizes the seamless application of updates and patches to ensure the optimal performance and security of users' Data Productivity Cloud instances.

Users benefit from uninterrupted operation of the Data Productivity Cloud, as it operates smoothly without the need for scheduled maintenance. This approach allows users to maintain focus on their data workflows without interruptions, ensuring continuous productivity and efficiency.

Regular monitoring: Stay informed about the latest developments, features, enhancements, and security fixes by regularly monitoring the Data Productivity Cloud changelogs found toward the bottom of the documentation.

Agent updates

Agents will automatically receive security updates from Matillion on a regular basis to ensure they are kept in line with the new features on the Data Productivity Cloud, as well as required maintenance updates. It is important to ensure this mechanism, including the agent container address, is not modified. Additionally, keep access keys/secrets secure, including periodic rotation if required, to maintain robust security practices.