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December 2023 changelog

Here you'll find the December 2023 changelog for the Data Productivity Cloud. Just want to read about new features? Read our What's New blog.

12th December

DesignerNew features 🎉

  • Added Google Cloud Storage as a "direct to storage" option when using Flex connectors.
  • Added REST API service support to SharePoint Query. This service requires OAuth authentication.
  • Added the following Flex connector for developing data pipelines:

11th December

CDCImprovements 🔧

  • Updated CDC agent version from 2.88.3 to 2.89.4.
  • Added option to disable the table name prefix when using Snowflake as a target.
  • Fix support for Snowflake when using the QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS_IGNORE_CASE property.
  • Additional logging when unable to connect to the Matillion Platform.

8th December

DesignerNew features 🎉


This feature is currently in restricted availability.

7th December

DesignerNew features 🎉Improvements 🔧

  • New Update Scalar component. This component allows you to change the value of any pipeline variable or project variable during pipeline execution, to a new value decided at the time the component is configured.
  • New Print Variable component. This component prints the value that a pipeline or project variable has at that specific point in the pipeline execution.
  • Added the following Flex connector for developing data pipelines:
  • Improved the Git Merge workflow to let users merge changes that have been pushed to a remote branch into your local branch. This improvement empowers users to validate and test changes before pushing merged changes to the remote repository.