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Enable Manage CDC

From version 1.71, the Manage Change Data Capture (CDC) feature has been deprecated.

  • The Manage CDC menu item has been removed from the Project menu as of version 1.71.
  • The Manage CDC feature is expected to be end-of-life (EOL) by December 2024.
  • After 1.71, existing Manage CDC tasks will continue to work until EOL, but you'll need to follow the instructions below to access the Manage CDC dialog.
  • This deprecation notice was first issued in the 1.69 release notes.

Continued usage until EOL

For these instructions to work, you must be running an Enterprise Mode instance if you're a marketplace customer, or an Enterprise edition instance if you're a Hub customer.

To continue using Manage CDC until its EOL date, do the following:

  1. SSH into your Matillion ETL instance.
  2. Open the file /usr/share/emerald/WEB-INF/classes/
  3. Add the following feature switch: FEATURE_SWITCHES=CDC.
  4. Restart the server.
  5. Once your instance has restarted, Manage CDC will be enabled.