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Split field

The Split Field component lets users split up the value of a column in an input flow according to a specified delimiter. The delimiter can be any valid character or sequence of characters.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Input Column = drop-down

The input field to split.

Delimiter = string

The delimiter to split on. Unlike when loading text files, the delimiter is not limited to a single character.

Output Columns = column editor

The position is the index number of the split field to extract. This index starts at 1, not 0. The output column is the new field name to hold the extracted data. All target field names are strings, but if you're certain the field names represent (for example) a data or integer type, you can use the Convert Type component to cast the data type appropriately.

Include Input Column = boolean

Boolean to keep the original field in the output. If you have extracted all the parts of the field, you may not need the original anymore.

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