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Data source connectivity

Establishing secure connections to source systems is a fundamental aspect of the Data Productivity Cloud's functionality. Whether interacting with databases, cloud services, or external APIs, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality during transit is of utmost importance.

Secure authentication

With the Data Productivity Cloud, we prioritize offering the most secure authentication options available. Our platform supports authentication methods such as OAuth 2.0, API keys, and Bearer keys, depending on the capabilities of the source system. This ensures that users can choose the most secure authentication method suitable for their data sources.

Encrypted communication

When establishing connections to new data sources, we emphasize the use of encrypted communication channels to safeguard data during transit. For web-based APIs, we recommend using HTTPS. For database connections, we advocate for SSL/TLS encryption. Our platform provides flexibility and control over these communication channels, allowing users to configure encryption settings according to their security requirements.

Credential management

The Data Productivity Cloud empowers users to securely store and manage credentials within our platform. We offer built-in vaults for storing sensitive information securely, or users can integrate with their existing vault solutions, depending on their deployment model.

We advocate for the adoption of secure credential management practices, which include regularly updating and rotating credentials, restricting access to sensitive information, and auditing credential usage.

Data Productivity Cloud source connections