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Read-only users


Important Information

  • To access the Read Only role, your Matillion ETL instance must be initiated through the Hub.
  • An unlimited number of Read Only users are permitted.
  • A Read Only user does not incur any costs to the Matillion ETL instance.
  • A Read Only user does not have write permissions with any aspect of Matillion ETL.

Adding a Read Only user

Click Admin and then click User Configuration.

AdminUser Configuration

Set Select Security Configuration to Internal.

The Read-Only column can be found in the Manage Users tab. Tick the corresponding row's box if you wish to assign the Read Only role to a user.

Please Note

Assigning the Read Only role to a user removes all other roles. Ergo, when the Read-Only box is checked, all of the following boxes will be unticked:

  • Server Admin
  • API
  • Global Project Admin

Conversely, ticking one of these boxes will untick the Read-Only box.

Set Read Only roles where appropriate

Alternatively, if you wish to set a Read Only role in External security configuration, set Select Security Configuration to External.

Scroll to the bottom of the Set Realm Parameters form to find the Read Only drop-down. Set this to Yes to assign a Read Only role.

Contact Support

If you require assistance with Read Only roles, please visit our Getting Support page.