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Sampling output

Most transformation components and query components give you the ability to sample the data output by that component.

Sampling allows you to see the data the component is working with, and to confirm that the component is set up correctly before using it in a live pipeline.

Before you can sample a component's output, you must first validate the pipeline. Read The pipeline canvas for more information.

To sample, select the component on the canvas and click the Sample data tab, then click the Sample data button on that tab. The tab will display a table of data that the component would return when the pipeline runs, up to a maximum of 1000 rows.

To resize the columns of the sample table, hover over a column edge and when you see the resize handle, click and drag it to increase or decrease the column width.

Click the refresh button at the top of the Sample data tab to see the row count of the current sample.


Alternatively, click the Sample data button in the Properties panel to sample the data for your validated pipeline.