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A destination is where all data loads end and where your data ends up sitting. Data Loader offers users the choice of Snowflake, Delta Lake on Databricks, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

Manage Destinations

The Manage Destinations dialog allows users to save user-defined configurations for their destinations under unique names that can then be referred to in other parts of Data Loader. This also means that multiple configurations can be stored for any given data warehouse and used accordingly when creating pipelines.

You can view and manage your destinations by clicking ManageDestinations.

From here you can view all of your stored destinations and create new destinations.

Refer to the following topics for more information about creating each type of destination:

The following screenshot shows an example of a stored Snowflake destination.

Manage destinations

You can manage the list of destinations by using the drop-down menu or entering text in the Search field to manually locate a destination.

You can edit a destination by clicking the pencil icon next to it. You can permanently delete a destination by clicking the trashcan icon next to it.