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AI Analyze Sentiment

AI Analyze Sentiment is a transformation component that uses the Databricks ai_analyze_sentiment() function to invoke generative AI to perform sentiment analysis on input text. This function uses a Databricks chat model serving endpoint made available by Databricks Foundation Model APIs.


Make sure you have read and understand the Requirements set out by Databricks before using this component.

The returned sentiment score is a string that describes the sentiment with one of the following words:

  • positive
  • negative
  • neutral
  • mixed

If the sentiment can't be detected, null is returned.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Columns = dual listbox

Use the arrow buttons or use drag-and-drop to move columns to the right-hand listbox to analyze for sentiment. A new column is created for each column that is analyzed.

Include Input Columns = boolean

  • Yes: Outputs both your source input columns and the sentiment score columns. This will also include those input columns not selected in Columns.
  • No: Only includes the new sentiment score columns.

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