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Restart server


There are a number of situations that might require you to restart a Matillion ETL instance. Typically, a restart will be needed after you have made some change to the server configuration, such as adding third-party JDBC drivers, applying licenses, or configuring OpenID. These types of resets can be done from within the Matillion ETL application.

Some processes require the entire server to be restarted as well as the app, and so must be restarted from a command line. Such processes include configuring HA clusters and SSL configuration.

In-app restarts

Using Restart Server in Matillion ETL:

  1. In Matillion ETL, in the top-right of the screen, click AdminRestart Server from the menu.
  2. Click Yes when prompted for confirmation of the restart.
  3. The server will take several seconds to restart, during which time you will see a Connection lost message. Don't be alarmed by this message, it means that the restart is progressing as expected.
  4. When the restart has completed, your browser will offer a dialog asking if you want to reload the site. Click Reload.

Command line restarts

To restart the Apache Tomcat server from a command line:

  1. SSH into your Matillion ETL instance. See the following links if you are unsure how to accomplish this.
  2. From the command line, use the following command:
sudo service tomcat restart