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Project user access


This is a step-by-step guide to modifying user access permissions for projects within a Matillion ETL instance. Follow the instructions given below to modify the user access permissions.

Important Information

  • Users responsible for user access permissions require access to the Matillion ETL instance and projects. If project has not been created yet, please see Create Project article.
  • Internal or External security has been enabled on the project with more than one user added.
  • All users have logged into the project at least once.

Modifying User Access Permissions

  1. In Matillion ETL, on the top left of the screen, click Project Manage Project.

    Project dropdown menu

    Project dropdown menu

  2. In the Manage Project pop-up window, locate the Access Control List section at the bottom of the window. This section will contain a list of all users registered within the current Matillion instance (possibly greyed-out) and two checkboxes, namely Public Administration and Public Users.

    Manage Project pop-up window

    Manage Project pop-up window

  3. Individual registered user access permissions can be modified by ticking and/or unticking the checkboxes in the Access Control List section. The checkboxes control the following permissions:

    • Public Administration: toggle full permissions to all current and new users (full permissions are default, while unticking the checkbox will reveal the user list).
    • Public Users: tick "Access" for all users.
    • Admin: toggle permission to modify the Access Control List (at least one user must have Admin permissions, changes cannot be confirmed without this).
    • Access: toggle permission to access the project and jobs therein (unticking this checkbox will block users from accessing the current project).
    Modify permissions on Access Control List

    Modify permissions on Access Control List

  4. Once permissions have been assigned, click OK.

    Please Note

    The instance may need to be restarted for the newly assigned user access permissions to take effect.