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1.70 release notes

Below, you can find release notes for Matillion ETL version 1.70.x

Tech notes

Matillion ETL for Redshift

If you're experiencing out-of-memory (OOM) exceptions or high CPU usage since updating to version 1.68.7 or above, read Tech note - Redshift RingBuffer exceeding expected limits for a workaround.

Matillion ETL version 1.70.1 (interim release)

2023 - May 5th

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Google Analytics Query component would not return any data when the query included an IS LIKE clause.
  • Fixed an issue where the Google Analytics Query component was incorrectly using a page size of 200 immutably. The page size now defaults to the maximum value, 10,000, and the connection option works as expected if you wish to lower this number.
  • Fixed an issue where an instance migration would complete without successfully exporting Matillion ETL users stored in a Matillion ETL database.
  • Fixed an issue where the Salesforce Output component would fail because fields that began with a comma were not being enclosed in double quotes.

Driver updates

  • Google Analytics driver updated 21.0.8137.022.0.8516.0
  • Salesforce driver updated 22.0.8466.022.0.8511.0

Matillion ETL version 1.70.0 (major release)

2023 - April 12th

New features and improvements

All platforms


  • Added an Assign Tag component. This component lets you assign existing tags to Snowflake objects, enabling you to better track object usage within your Snowflake account.
  • Added an Anaplan Bulk component, which uses the Anaplan API to retrieve bulk data to load into a table via an Anaplan "export" or custom "view".

Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Delta Lake on Databricks

Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery

  • Added an SAP ODP Extract (Preview) component, which is available as a public preview offering, and enables Matillion ETL users to connect directly through SAP ODP to access available data sources in SAPI and ABAP CDS view.

Delta Lake on Databricks

  • All Query components (for example, Salesforce Query) can now stage data using Databricks personal staging. In a Query component's properties, click Stage PlatformPersonal Staging. Read the component documentation for more information.
  • You can now configure concurrent connections in your Matillion ETL environment settings.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Google BigQuery component would not generate correct SQL to run when configured in Basic Mode and where a table had a column of type struct.
  • Fixed an issue where the Zendesk Support Query component was not retrieving data from column custom_field_options_ in the ticket_fields table.
  • Fixed an issue where API Query Profile parameters were being duplicated during paging, causing the API Query component to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect number of concurrent users were shown when applying licences on multiple environments.