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JDBC Table Metadata To Grid

The JDBC Table Metadata to Grid component takes the metadata from a JDBC table and uses this data to populate a grid variable.

If the target table doesn't exist, the component function is dependent on the database type. Sybase and MySQL return a fail. Other drivers pass with an empty grid returned.

:::info{title='Note'} In Snowflake, unquoted object identifiers are resolved as uppercase. Object identifiers encased in double quotes are resolved exactly as entered.

  • For example, tablename and tableNAME both resolve to TABLENAME.
  • Conversely, "tablename" would resolve to tablename.

This means that a table whose name is all uppercase will resolve to uppercase with or without double quotes. It may be preferable to use table names in all uppercase when working with Snowflake.

Read Identifier Resolution for more information. :::


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Database Type = drop-down

A drop-down menu of databases to choose from. To learn more, read Manage Database Drivers.

Connection URL = string

The URL for your chosen JDBC database. Matillion ETL provides a template URL for each database type. Replace any placeholder values with the actual values of your database's URL. Remove any angular brackets < > as these are just for situating placeholder values.

Although many parameters and options can be added to the end of the URL, it is generally easier to add them in the Connection Options property, documented below.

Username = string

A valid username for the database connection.

Password = string

The corresponding password. Store the password in the component, or create a managed entry for the password using Manage Passwords (recommended).

Connection Options = column editor

  • Parameter: A JDBC parameter supported by the database driver. The available parameters are explained in the data model. Manual setup is not usually required, since sensible defaults are assumed.
  • Value: A value for the given Parameter.

Schema = drop-down

Select a table schema.

Target Table = drop-down

The table to pull metadata from.

Grid Variable = drop-down

Drop-down list of grid variables. Read Grid variables to learn more.

Grid Variable Mapping = multiple drop-downs

Map each column in the grid variable to a particular "type" of metadata by selecting from the available drop-down menus.

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