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New Components and a Flex Connector to Enhance Your Data Workflows!

Designer Data Loader New features 🎉

We're here with another round of exciting updates! The Designer has welcomed a series of new components to broaden your data integration and transformation capabilities, and batch pipelines have a new Flex connector onboard.

Newly Added Designer Components

Expanding your data handling options, we've introduced several new components to the Designer:

  • Azure Blob Storage Load and Unload for efficient data loading and extraction with Azure Blob Storage.
  • Dynamics 365 Query to seamlessly pull and manipulate your Dynamics 365 data.
  • Facebook Ads Query and Facebook Query to integrate and handle data from Facebook and Facebook Ads efficiently.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Query to unlock easy access and manipulation of your marketing data housed in Salesforce.

A New Addition to Batch Pipelines

Batch pipelines also got a boost with the addition of the Snapchat Flex Connector, offering tailored connectivity to develop batch pipelines, ensuring a more streamlined and effective data transformation process.