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Intercom Extract authentication guide

This is a step-by-step guide to acquiring credentials for authorizing the Intercom Extract component for use in Matillion ETL.


  • The Intercom Extract connector uses an OAuth for third-party authentication.
  • While connector properties may differ between cloud data warehouses, the authentication process remains the same.


Begin by creating an OAuth entry in Matillion ETL, as described in Manage OAuth. You should then configure this OAuth entry using your Intercom credentials, obtained as described below.

How to obtain Intercom credentials

  1. Open Intercom Developer Hub and click Your apps.
  2. Enter your Intercom developer login credentials.
  3. On the Your apps page, click New app.
  4. In the New app dialog, enter the following, then click Create app:
    • App name: A descriptive name for the app.
    • Workspace: Select a workspace in which to add the app.
  5. On the Authentication page, click Edit.
  6. Under the OAuth section, select the Use OAuth checkbox, then click Add redirect URL.
  7. Paste in the Callback URL found on the Manage OAuth dialog in Matillion ETL.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Basic information in the sidebar menu.
  10. Copy the codes below Client ID and Client secret, as these will be required to complete the OAuth configuration in Matillion ETL.

Now return to the Manage OAuth dialog in Matillion ETL and use the copied values to complete the OAuth configuration.