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Stream Input

Read chosen columns from an existing stream. This is akin to using a Table Input component pointed at the same table the stream is.

This component uses an existing stream. You can create new streams using the Create Stream Component.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Database = drop-down

The Snowflake database. The special value, [Environment Default], will use the database defined in the environment. Read Databases, Tables and Views - Overview to learn more.

Schema = drop-down

The Snowflake schema. The special value, [Environment Default], will use the schema defined in the environment. Read Database, Schema, and Share DDL to learn more.

Target Stream = string

Enter the name of the stream that you want to take data from.

Column Names = dual listbox

Once the Target Stream is set, the columns become available to choose from. Use the dual listbox to select which columns to pass along.

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