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Container instances

The container instance is what you use to deploy the CDC agent in Azure. The steps in previous articles that set up Azure resources and gather appropriate details have all been leading to this resource to behave as intended.

Create a new container instance

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal.
  2. Browse to the Container Instances service.
  3. Click Create.
Project detail Description
Resource group The resource group your container instance belongs to. We recommend having a resource group dedicated to your CDC setup.
Container name Name your containers. This can be arbitrary.
Region The Azure region your containers will run in.
Image source Other registry.
Image type Public
Image ensure no spaces are present.
OS type Linux
Size 4 CPU cores and 8GiB Memory


  1. Click Next: Networking.
  2. Networking type:
    • If Public, enter a DNS name label
    • If Private, leave Virtual network and Subnet as their default values. This creates the respective resources.
  3. Click Next: Advanced.
  4. Set the Restart Policy as Always.
  5. The environment variables section is where collected variables can be passed to the CDC agent. Read the Environment Variables documentation for more information.

:::info{title='Note'} Key values must be exactly as specified in the environment variables table for Azure. Read about these here. :::

  1. Click Next: Tags and add any tags if wanted.
  2. Click Review + create and then Create.