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Manage subscription

The Hub provides subscription and billing management features for all registered customers. You can set up a subscription, and when your free trial has ended, upgrade it immediately. You can also learn how to renew an expired subscription.

Customers who associate their Matillion ETL instance with the Hub are called Active Users. There are five active users per subscription every month. The month period is 30 days and begins from the day your subscription starts. If usage increases beyond five logins, then 50 credits are charged per user. Every month this count is reset. Any API user that runs Matillion ETL Orchestrations is included in their Hub active user count.

Each customer can only have one active marketplace subscription set up at any one time, per account. For example, if your account is connected to the Azure Marketplace, and you try to connect to a different marketplace subscription, such as AWS, an error will occur, and you will be prevented from connecting an additional subscription to your account.


To cancel a subscription or change your payment method, contact your sales representative or support.

Setting up a subscription

When your Credit Based Trial, which is valid for a maximum of 14 days, has ended, set up and manage your subscription by using the following steps:

  1. Access the Hub and login with your existing user credentials. These credentials will have been created during the account registration process.
  2. You will be redirected to My account, where you can click the intended account.


    You can join a maximum of twenty five accounts. To add a new account to your existing subscription, read Create an Account.

  3. You will be taken to What do you want to do today?. Click Monitor credit usage and the Credit Consumption dashboard will be displayed.

  4. To upgrade and subscribe to a paid plan, click Upgrade, situated at the top of either the Usage tab in your dashboard or the Instances tab. This is also where you can upgrade your subscription in the future.

    Upgrade Link

  5. Click the Instances tab on the left, and a list of your previously created Matillion ETL instances will be displayed, including the details associated with the aforementioned instance. It will include the name of your Instance, Cloud Provider, Data Warehouse, your Instance Status, and the last time you ran it, under the heading, Last Called In.

    Instances List


    While you're on the trial version, you are allowed to add a maximum of 3 instances. If you don't have any existing instances listed, you can add a new one by clicking Add instance. You will be redirected to a new dialog, where you can choose a Cloud Provider. For more information, read Matillion ETL Instance Creation.

  6. A new page will be displayed where you will be required to select an appropriate edition, subscription, and choose the amount of credits that best suit your consumption needs. Towards the bottom of the page you will be able to choose the appropriate payment method for your plan. You can scroll down the page to make these selections. Each section will be explained in more detail below.


    • Make sure you build your plan based on your usage consumption, then when your free trial expires, you can explore new subscriptions based on your predicted usage and requirement needs.
    • If you selected Clustered instances while creating your Matillion ETL instance, then you should choose Enterprise.
    • Once you have chosen your plan selections, on the right-hand side, you can check the Order Summary.

Selecting an edition

You're required to select the edition of your plan by choosing from Free, Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise as per your usage, and requirements. Select the appropriate edition for your usage consumption needs by clicking Choose Plan.


  • The free trial includes the same benefits as the Enterprise edition. For more information, read Editions.
  • To view the features of your chosen edition, click Show all features.
  • If you are an existing subscriber of the Hub you can modify the edition of your plan by contacting your sales representative or support.

Selecting your subscription

After your trial period ends, select a payment plan for your subscription. Scroll down, and click the button to select one of the following:

  • Yearly: This is a 12 month, pre-paid contract.
  • Monthly: This is a 12 month contract, payable on a monthly basis.
  • Pay-Go: This is non-contractual, and you pay for what you use on a monthly basis.

Choose Subscription


For more information about account billing and payment methods, read Manage Payment Details and Invoices.

Selecting your credits

Matillion Credits are used to pay for the consumption of Matillion resources. A credit is a unit of measure which is consumed when a customer uses a resource. For Matillion ETL, credits are either consumed when an ETL instance is running, or when a user (beyond the included users in the subscription) uses the software, which are referred to as additional Active Users. For MDL, credits are consumed based on rows being moved.

Scroll down the page to plan your usage consumption by dragging the slider to select the amount of credit you require.

Select Credits


  • For customers subscribed annually, 10% of any unused credits can be rolled over year on year, and you can consume as many credits within a month as you want. For example, you can consume the total amount of credits for your entire contract in month 12.
  • Your bill is calculated by how many credits your Matillion usage has consumed.
  • When customers consume all of their allocated credits based on their subscription plan, they will no longer receive the discounted price, and will be charged the Pay-Go price.

Choosing a payment method

Once you have built your plan, continue to scroll to the bottom of the page where you will reach the Payment method section.

  1. You will now be required to choose how you want to pay for your plan. The payment options listed here will depend on the subscription type you selected earlier. Choose from the following payment methods:

    • Invoice Payment: This payment method is available for Yearly subscriptions. This is for both Annual Upfront and Annual Monthly. An email address is required to authorize this payment method. Then, when Matillion generates an invoice for your upfront fee, you will have 30 days to complete your payment via bank transfer.
    • Card Payment: This payment method is available for Monthly and Pay-Go subscriptions. Click Select Card Payment to enter your credit card details. Once this information has been saved to your Hub account, you will be able to use this card for future payments. You will need to select the checkbox to indicate you agree and accept Matillion's EULA before you can select this payment method.
    • AWS Marketplace: Click Select AWS Payment to pay via your AWS account. If your Hub account is already associated with the AWS Marketplace, then you can pay directly through the marketplace by default. For more information, read AWS Marketplace Subscription.
    • Azure Marketplace: Click Select Azure Payment to pay via your Microsoft Azure account. If your Hub account is already associated with the Azure Marketplace, then you can pay directly through the marketplace by default. For more information, read Azure Marketplace Subscription.


    For more information about managing your account payments, read Manage Payment Details & Invoices.

  2. Click Place Order on the right, under Your order summary, and you will be taken to a confirmation page to finalize your subscription payment process.

    Place Order

  3. You will receive an email confirmation of your subscription, and a summary of your plan will be available on the next page. To return to the dashboard, click Back to Dashboard.

For Matillion ETL instances, you will be able to use your instance based on your plan's services. Once your trial period has ended, you are permitted to add up to 3 Matillion ETL instances. To do this, click Add instance.

Upgrading an expired subscription

If your subscription has expired, use the following steps to renew it:

  1. Log in to the Hub, and select your intended account.
  2. You will be taken to Select your service. Make sure the Services tab is selected, and click View account usage.
  3. The Credit Consumption Dashboard will be displayed. To regain full access to Hub services, click Upgrade, situated at the top of either the Usage tab in your dashboard or the Instances tab.


    You can't amend your existing Matillion ETL instance configuration settings.

  4. Alternatively, when your subscription has expired you will receive an email. This will display your expiry information and will include a link to update or renew your subscription.

  5. To see more information about the subscription, click the drop-down arrow next to your account name in the top-right of your dashboard, and click Invoices. You can view the information in the Subscription section at the top, and view your subscription's expiry date and time. For more information, read Manage Payment Details & Invoices.



    The subscription expiration email will be sent to the registered email address associated with your Hub account, and is either immediately terminated, or when a canceled subscription has reached the end of its billing cycle.

Appendix: Subscription email information

The table below shows the automated emails a customer will receive when they subscribe to the Hub.

Email Status Description
Subscription Expired When a customer's subscription is either immediately terminated, or when a cancelled subscription has reached the end of its billing cycle.
Subscription Expired for Non-Payment When a customer's payment method has expired before their subscription ends. The customer must update their billing information to resume their subscription.
Trial Ending The customer will be informed 3 days before the end of their free trial, to remind them that their trial will be converted to a paid subscription.
Renewal Reminder Provides information to the customer about their subscription renewal, and reminds them when it needs renewing.
Credit Card Expired A reminder of the customer's upcoming subscription billing date, if the credit card on file has either expired at the time of the email being sent out or when the billing date occurs.
New Invoice When a manual invoice is generated, or when a new subscription using manual collection is created on the customer's account.
Invoice Past Due When a manual invoice reaches its net terms (within 30 days) without recording a payment.
Payment Confirmation When a payment has been successfully processed.
Payment Declined When an attempt to pay has failed. After the initial failure, this email will be sent to the customer several times.
Payment Refunded When a customer's transaction has been refunded, either in full or in part.