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Azure installation overview

Setting up CDC agents can be an involved process that requires access to the cloud platform and services as well as a degree of familiarity with that platform. We highly recommend using a templated installation.


Azure resources may come with their own pricing independent of any billing you receive from Matillion.


  • Create new resources specifically for CDC use rather than attempt to use existing cloud resources.
  • Set up a resource group for your new resources for better organization and billing ease.
  • Use the Azure quick guide for a templated installation.
  • Consult your cloud/network administrator for advice on Virtual Networks, Subnets, and other considerations such as Azure Regions.
  • Keep resources in the same Azure region. All resources and services may not be available in all regions; it's recommended you research your desired region in advance.

Installation process

It's recommended that you follow the quick guide for deploying a CDC agent in Azure to create a CDC agent container through Data Loader, and deploy your agent in the Azure console. When you follow this templated installation, make sure you only set up the additional resources it requires.

The Terraform Template is minimal, and requires the user to set up many resources, while the advanced template method, documented in the above quick guide, takes care of almost the entire installation process, which is why it's recommended you use the quick guide install method.