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Amplitude Extract authentication guide


This is a step-by-step guide to acquiring credentials and authorising the Amplitude Extract connector for use in Matillion ETL.

Important Information

  • The Amplitude Extract connector uses an API token for third-party authentication.
  • While connector properties may differ between Cloud Data Warehouses, the authentication process remains the same.

Acquiring Third-Party Credentials

  1. Access the Amplitude website, and on the homepage at the top, click Login, situated on the far right-side of the main menu.

    Amplitude homepage

  2. A login dialog will be displayed. In the field provided, enter the subdomain associated with the account, and click Log In.

    Log in to organization

    Log in to organization

  3. The browser will redirect to another login dialog. Enter valid account credentials associated with the subdomain to access the site.

    Log in to access the site

  4. The My Workspace dashboard will be displayed. Click Settings, situated at the bottom, on the left-hand side of the sidebar.

    My Workspace dashboard

  5. In the General dashboard, click Projects underneath Org Settings, situated at the top of the sidebar, on the left.

    General dashboard

  6. The Projects dashboard will open. Click Create Project, situated on the far right-side of the dashboard.

    Projects dashboard

  7. The Create New Project pop-up dialog will appear. Provide a name for the new project in the What's the name of your project? field, then click Create.

    Create New Project

  8. The browser will redirect to the Sources & Destinations dashboard of the newly created project, and open in the Sources tab. Click the downward-facing arrow situated at the top, to the right of the new project name. A drop-down menu will appear. In the sub-menu, hover your mouse over the intended project, and click View Project Settings.

    Access Project Settings in the Sources & Destinations dashboard

  9. In the General tab of the new project dialog, copy the codes under API Key and Secret Key as they will be required in Authorising for use in Matillion ETL.

    Copy API Key and Secret Key

    Please Note

    When copying the codes, some browsers may add a space to the end of the code. Watch out for this as it will cause the credentials to fail.

Authorising for Use in Matillion ETL

  1. In Matillion ETL, ensure an Orchestration Job is open on the job canvas. If an Amplitude Extract connector is not already on the job canvas, search "Amplitude" using the Components search field, or find the Amplitude Extract connector under Orchestration, Connectors, then Load, and drag it onto the job canvas.

    Please Note

    An Orchestration Job must be open on the job canvas within Matillion ETL to ensure the Amplitude Extract connector is searchable within the Components panel.

  2. Click and drag the Amplitude Extract connector onto the job canvas.

    Search for Amplitude Extract connector

  3. Click on the Amplitude Extract on the job canvas, and then click on the Properties tab at the bottom of Matillion ETL.

  4. Click ... next to the API Key property.

    Open Amplitude Extract connector properties

  5. In the API Key pop-up dialog, paste the API Key (copied from the Amplitude website earlier) into the field provided, and click OK.

    Paste the API Secret

    Paste the API Key

  6. Click ... next to the Secret Key Property. In the Secret Key pop-up dialog, paste the Key Secret (copied from the Amplitude website earlier) into the Store in component field, and click OK.

    Paste the API Secret

    Paste the Secret Key

    Please Note

    Passwords and codes can also be saved using the Matillion ETL Password Manager. To learn how to do this, please read Manage Passwords.

  7. If the API Key and Key Secret are entered correctly, the connector should be authenticated, and the status of these properties will be displayed as OK.

    Connector successfully authenticated