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Preview Labs

:::warning{title='Warning'} From version 1.70 of Matillion ETL, dbt is a generally available feature for Matillion ETL for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Delta Lake on Databricks. Therefore the Preview Labs feature will not be visible.

The rest of this page can be ignored. :::


Preview Labs offers you early access to select features that are in development for Matillion ETL. Enabled features are available to all projects on the Matillion ETL instance.


  • Prior to Matillion ETL version 1.70, dbt applies to Matillion ETL for Snowflake only.
  • Your instance must be at least version 1.62.7. :::

If you have any feedback regarding Preview Labs or any Preview Labs features, please visit the relevant community user group.

:::warning{title='Warning'} We cannot guarantee non-breaking changes while a feature is in preview. Please do not enable preview features if you have rejected the terms and conditions. :::

Using Preview Labs

  1. Click AdminPreview Labs.
  2. In the Preview Labs overlay, check the box of a preview feature that you wish to activate.

Matillion ETL Preview Labs

  1. To apply the changes, click Save and Restart.
  2. Click Yes on the Restart Server dialog.
  3. Matillion ETL will then restart, just as it would when a user clicks AdminRestart Server. To learn more, read Restart Server.

Once Matillion ETL has restarted, the Preview Labs features you enabled will be accessible. In this example, the Run dbt Command component is available as an orchestration component.