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Generates a select query where the calculated expressions are in-line after the select statement.

The Calculator Component adds new columns by performing calculations. Each input row produces one output row. Any pre-existing columns that share a name with a created column will be overwritten.

By default, all input columns are mapped into output columns of the same name. You can then use the expression editor to add new columns with a user-defined calculation.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Include Input Columns = boolean

When Yes, all input columns are mapped without modification. When No, the component will output only columns that have been mapped manually via the expression editor. The default setting is Yes.

Calculations = expression editor

A list of expressions calculated per row of data. The name of the expression becomes the output column. Each expression must be valid SQL and use the built-in:

Expressions can refer to an earlier expression by enclosing the existing expression name in double quotes.

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