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Multiple environment connections


The Multiple Environment Connections* feature allows users to run multiple jobs across multiple connections.

Typically, jobs share one connection with each job queued in the database, and one job equals one connection to the database. The Multiple Environment Connections feature, however, offers users concurrent loading, which is faster.

Note: This article refers to an Enterprise Mode feature.

When creating or editing an environment, the following dialogue appears in the UI (may appear slightly differently according to your data warehouse and cloud platform):

Users have an option available in their Matillion environment to configure the number of concurrent connections for jobs that run in that environment to use. The maximum number of concurrent connections depends on the instance size (minimum: one concurrent connection).

If the value is not configured in an environment, or is configured to an invalid value (i.e. it is outside of the valid range because it was imported from a larger instance), then it should default to the largest valid value.


Please note that any operations executed within a transaction block will run on a single connection even if multiple connections have been specified in the environment setup.

Contact Support

If you have any questions about Matillion ETL's multiple connections feature, or require assistance with any other aspect of Matillion ETL, please contact our support team.

* Also known as "Concurrent Connections".