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Git push local changes

In Designer, you save or commit your changes to your local copy of the branch. This allows you to have an isolated workspace where there is little risk of collaborators overwriting each other's work. Use the Push local changes action when you're ready to upload your local commits to the remote repository so that they're available to others who are collaborating on the same project. Pushing your local changes to the remote repository ensures that your pipeline code is backed up in a central location and collaborators are working with the most up-to-date code.

Property Description
Publish pipelines A toggle to enable publishing of pipelines. Publishing makes pipelines available for scheduling. Any existing schedules will run the updated published pipeline. You can only publish pipelines from the main branch, meaning you must first merge your changes to main then commit and publish from there.
Select environment to publish to If Publish pipelines is toggled on, select the environment that the scheduled pipelines will use. Read Add environment to learn more about environments.

How to push local changes

Once you have made commits in your local branch, you can push your changes to the remote version of your branch.

  1. Click Git.
  2. Click Push local changes in the drop-down menu. The Push local changes dialog will open.
  3. If you want to publish your pipelines to make them available for scheduling, toggle on Publish pipelines.
  4. Select the environment that the scheduled pipelines will use.
  5. Click Push to save all your local commits to the remote repository. Otherwise, click Cancel to cancel your push.


  • It's good Git practice to pull before you push. This will update your local branch with any new changes that may have been pushed to the remote from other contributors.
  • Remember to push your local changes first before merging changes to another branch.