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New Components, Organizational Features, and Direct to Snowflake for CDC!

Designer Data Loader New features 🎉Improvements 🔧

With the addition of new components in the Designer, intuitive organizational features, and updates to the CDC agent, navigating through your data transformation tasks just got easier.

Designer Enhancements

We've introduced the File Iterator and Stream Input components to expand your data processing capabilities. Organizing your pipelines is now a breeze with the newly added ability to sort them into folders, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient workspace. Tooltips have been added to offer instant insights on pipelines and components.

Designer also now has the File Iterator component, allowing your orchestration jobs to loop through files in storage such as S3, opening up many possibilities for adding automation logic to your workflows.

The new Stream Input transformation component allows you to read chosen columns from a Snowflake stream. Be sure to create a stream using the Create Stream component, first!

CDC Agent and Pipelines update

The CDC Agent isn't left behind in this wave of updates; we've moved up to version 2.81.12. For those working with Snowflake, you'll be pleased to know that Direct to Snowflake has now been added as a target.